The Lost Keys

The only thing that Megan Torrance was organized in was being unorganized.  She always had special places she kept everything. And, she always forgot where those special places are, due to the fact that she changed the location so often.  She left her keys everywhere. Her schedule was full and she lived her life in a hurry. At any given moment this brunette bombshell was juggling three different projects in three different locations of her life.  Because of her intense paranoia, she kept locks on everything.

She locked her bedroom on those nights she found herself sleeping alone, to make sure she didn’t get any unwanted intruders. She locked her closets in her bedroom before she went to sleep, just to make sure the boogie man her father warned her of as a child didn’t creep out in the middle of the night. She locked her bathroom when she took a shower in the morning to make sure the scene she saw from the movie psycho didn’t happen to her while she was shampooing her long brown hair.

She kept a lock on her desk, computer, and various electronic devices. She even kept a lock on her laptop bag. Megan didn’t want anyone pulling up any of her secrets. She kept her heart locked away as well. Megan had been through a couple of bad affairs. Being the business woman that she was she decided to put her heart under strict lock and key until that special person came along that she could trust her keys with. All of them. Although Megan was very unorganized she was organized in the thought that she took her keys very seriously. Anytime she misplaced them which generally was about twenty times a day she would panic. Anytime she dated someone and felt that her keys were in danger she would panic too. Everyone in her office and life was accustomed to hearing the panic shrill when Megan would be caught frantically looking around either the office or her life for her lost keys.

Megan Torrance stood 5ft 2in. She had always been considered short when she was in school and often times was picked on and gained the nick name “Smurf” by some of the bullies at her school. The fact that her parents were really strict didn’t help either. The few boys that did approach her looking for love were quickly discouraged by her father. While most of the girls in her sixth-grade class were defining their womanhood with protrusions from the chest, Megan was still in training bras. The girls of color that she played in the band with convinced her that maybe her growth would appear in the rear they way that theirs did. So she just kept her womanhood on lock until that day a young boy from band class convinced her to loan him the keys so that he could take her virginity out. That was the first set of keys Megan lost.

By the time Megan reached college she was deep into her key obsession. She met her first love and decided to give him a set of keys to her love. It wasn’t long before his infidelity started using other keys more than hers. Once again,  Megan had to lock down her love and hide the keys. She was afraid of them getting lost again.

Because Megan was so busy working on her Masters in Business management with accounting as a minor her plate was pretty full. But, Megan was determined to keep up with the key to her heart. She kept all her keys to her desk, apartment, computer bag and yes her heart with her at all times. All the times that she wasn’t suffering from her unorganized organizational skill and she would lose her keys.

It was one of those nights when she lost her keys that the change began. Megan had just completed finals and her mind was spinning.  She decided to stop in the student cafe and have a celebratory ice coffee with a few of her classmates. Just as she picked up her back pack someone called her over.  Before Megan knew it she had forgotten her keys. She frantically looked for them everywhere. Megan knew her roommate was also at the cafe and hoped that maybe she had picked them up for her. But when Megan got to her dorm and asked, she found out that was not the case.  She had lost her keys.

That night there was a party on campus and Megan decided that maybe she would stay home and just enjoy the break from homework. She kept a bottle of Grey Goose on board for those nights when she just wanted to relax and enjoy the peace. Her roommate was a party animal, and of course, left for the night. It was when Megan woke up to her legs being held down that she realized that not only had she lost her keys, she was smack dab in the middle of losing her very soul.

The attack went on for what seemed to be an eternity. The moment it was over it never ended. That frame of her life stayed frozen in time. Megan put a whole new level of security on her mind body and of course, she hid the keys to her heart. She later found out that her roommate actually gave her keys to the frat boys as a prank and as a way to get into the *popular* club.  Megan buckled down on her studies, kept her head up high, and the broken keys to her soul she kept securely locked away. She never wanted to lose her keys again.

That was until she met her first victim.

Megan decided that morning when she woke up with bodily fluids other than her own that she never be a victim again. She also decided to help other victims in advance by eliminating some of the predators on the street before they found a prey. Her key ring started to grow. She also kept a collection of locks and chains. She even kept them on the key ring her room mate gave the guys that night for the prank, and they left stuff in her vagina. At least her keys were not lost.

The first time she met her first victim over nine victims ago was outside an internet cafe. He was charming of course but it was clear to Megan that his goal was to remove the keys to her secret garden, turn the lock and leave them in her.

As Megan remembered that thought of the first set of locked keys she dropped the sleeping pills in his drink. He felt comfortable leaving his drink unattended. Not only was he focused on his own plan, but he underestimated the brunette bombshell. The next time his eyes focused on her he was on a dolly handcuffed, chained and gagged. Megan took him to another secret garden. Not the one he had planned on violating just hours before. She put the key to the pad lock on her key ring and saved it as a trophy. That’s where she kept his key along with the other keys she would collect over the next several years. The only key Megan was missing in her life on a daily basis was the key to true love.

She had dated safely over the past few years. There were a few men she had not added a key on her ring as a trophy. Still, none fit the bill of true love. That was until she met Robert.  Robert and Megan had a lot in common. He trusted Megan and she trusted him. They had something in common.

There are over 150 active serial killers at any given moment in America. These two just met.

Sometimes the act of finding lost keys will unlock doors you never knew existed.

Megan just found a mate that can be with her and #writeforthekill





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