Hidden Camera’s

I often talk to women that come in my boutique about very personal matters. Matters of the heart. Sometimes the stories I hear inspire me to write a story of my own. This is one of those stories created from a story.  We all have a story to tell when it comes to matters of the heart.


Virginia Mason woke up alone, inside of a marriage of four years. It wasn’t the first time she realized she was living inside her marriage alone. It was just the moment of truth that kept her awake in the bed next to him the night before. She knew someone had stolen his heart because she knew how dedicated he was when he set his sights on something. And his sight was no longer set on her. Hence the dedication was gone. Virginia stood at her bedroom window looking to the sky with just one wish. She wished she could just place a hidden camera in his heart to find out what it was doing outside of her soul.

Virginia would be turning forty in a few days. Her beauty was still young.  Her career had always been more important than family so, her children had gracefully bowed out of her home as soon as the college letters came in. Jason and James were twenty and twenty-three. The two of them owned a background check company in Phoenix. Business was good.

Virginia also owned a business. It was an elite spa for the elite of Phoenix. The place was decorated in all turquoise and pink. The sunlight flowed through the windows, the way an open house in the hills exposes its light. The floors were thrown inside of shellacked wood and seemed uneven somehow. That just added to the beauty of it all.  The ceiling had lamps falling from them with shades that appeared to be rolls of toilet paper.   There was an esthetician on duty along with nail techs, facial experts, masseuse, health guru, along with a with a room for V-Steams.

And of course, there were the hidden cameras.

The cameras gave Virginia all she needed to know about her employees. You would be surprised what you can learn from watching someone when they don’t know that they are being watched. She knew when the younger girls were having personal problems because they would focus on Facebook all day and post negative rants. The kind everyone knows is directed at that *someone* everyone knows you love. After contemplating her marriage Virginia decided maybe the cameras could show her all the things she didn’t see inside the walls of her own bedroom. So, she went on Amazon, started shopping around and ordered the hidden cameras.

Jeremy Mason woke up inside his guilty conscious. His wife of four years was standing at the floor to ceiling window with tears in her eyes. Jeremy knew he had to tell her this week. He hated to see the pain in her movements as her shoulders slouched and her breaths were labored. The love he knew his wife was missing was not being divided between bodies like she thought. It was just simply divided. There was absolutely nothing he could do about it, but break down and ask her to forgive him He wondered how she would react to his confession. If only his future came with a hidden camera.

Virginia knew she was drowning in her thoughts. For three weeks she had placed the cameras in various positions in the house to try and see the face of her husband’s attention but, all she found was him going to the bathroom. It was then that she figured out he was calling her every time he went to the bathroom for a morning poop. She wanted to see the face of her husband as he whispered to his love. The love that had stolen her love. So, she placed a camera in the bathroom and waited for the results.

She left the other camera in the living room inside the picture of their grand-daughter. Virginia knew she was going out of town on a business trip and she noticed how his love always changed his voice when she was away. This time she was ready to find out what his changed looked like. Was she tall or short? Was she young, with long or short hair?

While she was planning her trip Jeremy sat in the upstairs bathroom on the toilet trying to commit to a time to tell his wife of four years just why he was now fighting just to love again. He knew she would never understand. “Honey, I will be leaving” Virginia yelled over his coughing. He always coughed when he was on the toilet. Maybe it helped him get things moving. “Ok. It’s not like you don’t leave every week. Just call me on the road. My stomach is killing me and I really don’t feel like getting up for long goodbyes and you definitely don’t want to come in here.” Jeremy stated in a dull high pitched tone.

Virginia decided to just leave and check the recorder on the plane of the hidden camera.

When she boarded the plane, she buckled her seat belt. The pilot warned them in the announcements that it was going to be a bumpy ride. No truer words would ever be spoken. Even ten years later Virginia still remembered the announcement she heard right before she checked the hidden camera.

When Virginia logged on to the camera a bucket of sweat immediately fell on the top of her head. Her heart dropped, her anger rose. It was at that very moment she knew that she was defeated. She was no match for her opponent. She was too old. Her hair would never be long enough. She would never make love good enough. There would never be enough money to go to court.  Virginia did the only thing she could. She got off at her destination and went to the counter and traded the return ticket in for one to a new destination. She took a cab to the bank and transferred all the money. She called her attorney and set in motion all the legalities needed to run her business from a distance.

Then she took one last look at her soon to be X husband and *the white girl* who had replaced her. Then she logged off for the last time from her hidden camera.

When asked years later why she left her husband she loved so dearly, she said, “I knew I couldn’t fight his cocaine habit because that white girl is a real beast. I know from experience. I fought her brother heroine and barely escaped with my life. Sometimes you must pick your battles. This battle was not mine to pick. I learned that when I bought the hidden camera.

Blind love can make anyone write for the kill.


6 thoughts on “Hidden Camera’s

  1. WwwwwwWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW This is absolutely incredibly magnificent!!!!! Cynthia you are truly one of a kind. Your titles, your storylines, your endings… I SEE THE MOVIE SCREEN FOR YOU YOUNG LADY! !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AGAIN, Cynthia pulls off ANOTHER great story. I agree, I see a movie in the making. This story, just like the rest, kept me intrigued and on the edge of my seat. The ending surprised me and was a great one! I loved this story ! I can’t wait for MORE! Great job.


  2. WOW, but I wouldn’t expect anything less then the best. Keeps you eyes on the story and look for the next word. Awesome writing Cynthia, cant wait for more….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved it! It’s always the twist, the unexpected, the thrill I feel when reading any of Cynthia’s work. I haven’t enjoyed reading this much in a long time. Thank you for remind me that reading can be enjoyable and relaxing.


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