Concrete Crimes

Alexis Allen quickly changed the music to a song by Black called Problems as she stepped off the L Train near Northside Projects. It helped her get into character before she got to her corner. Alexis knew she was the toughest girl on the block. Not to mention the goods she sold wasn’t wrapped inside her panties. Her goods were wrapped in small plastic bags that had her logo stamped on them. The people on the streets knew if they bought a package with her logo on them, the quality was superb. She stamped all her bags CONCRETE CRIMES.

She wore a pair of torn jeans, a hoodie bodysuit, and no makeup. Her natural beauty brought her enough attention. And attention was the last thing Alexis needed.

Alexis stood 5 ft. 4 in tall. Her skin was a cocoa color, there were a few outstanding pimples she had drawn on her face before she left the house. She wanted to cut down on the jealousy by not appearing flawless.  Alexis knew from previous experience that being flawless was a flaw in itself. Most women would judge her for it, and every man she ever met had taken advantage of her behind it.  She had tried all types of relationships.  Male and female alike. None of them seem to work out for her. She got rid of them almost as quickly as she found them. If her love escapades had to be described in words it would be called a CONCRETE CRIME.

Alexis was introduced to sex nine years ago at the tender age of twelve. At the time her brother was in his first year at an Ivy League college. During his initiation, the frat boys thought bringing his baby sister to the party and giving her a tab of ecstasy would be fun. Or at least that’s what they said. That it would just be one pill and one beer. After that, they introduced her to the pipe as her brother laid passed out in the corner from a Mickey they dropped in his drink. It was morning before the boy’s crime was found on the concrete outside her out of town parent’s home. As the blood seeped out from under the wrappings of her inside out panties it found cracks in the concrete, along with her children and stained her for life. This was the first of many CONCRETE CRIMES.

Alexis kept a record as well as a trophy from every concrete crime from that point on.


Alexis jumped back on the L Train about 7:00 pm. She took the train to the underground parking garage in the Wiltshire district and pulled off her wig before she even pulled her car out. As she started her Mercedes CLK 550 she took a makeup wipe out of her bag and removed the fake pimples from her face. She turned on her favorite song by Tracey Chapman All that you have is your soul. Then she started singing as she made her transformation. She opened her secret compartment in her car and put her packages of concrete crime inside.

Forty- five minutes later Alexis pulled up to the gate of her mini mansion, pushed the code and drove thru. She was running a little behind schedule today. She had a date with another Ivy League guy. She ran in the house pulled out her Channel body wash and jumped in the shower. By the time, she left for her date she looked flawless. Tonight she had a date with a frat boy who had no idea that she traded her Prada shoes in for a pair of cheap tennis shoes to commit her daytime concrete crimes.

She never told a soul of her daytime trips on the L train. It was her dirty secret. She wanted to know how the other half lived or died on the concrete. Not to mention she wanted to ensure she would be adding to her collection of CONCRETE CRIMES.

A few days later Alexis got off the L Train to walk her normal path to her work area.

The yellow tape was only drowned out by the white chalk. There on the concrete ground laid another victim claimed by the streets. As she walked up she tried to read some of the many faces cringed at the horror of the badly mutilated body. It was obvious the body had been dropped in that spot by the victim himself. The foam oozing from his visible orifices as well as some not so visible was just a sign of the poison he had ingested. The blood was oozing out of his torso slowly as if it was down to the last drop. Alexis watched from behind the yellow tape alongside a crowd of street people. Most of whom had grown up in the inner city watching concrete crimes.

Alexis had survived one.

The coroner later reported that the victim like several others over the past five years had fell victim to an unknown serial killer. The monster had mutilated their genitals, fed them poison and dropped them off in the streets to die on the concrete.

After a total of 28 concrete crimes Alexis was finally caught and died in a center that treated HIV patients. She had contracted the disease from a frat member the night she was raped. Since that time, Alexis had killed over twenty-eight men. The frat boys she gave a special treat and personally buried them on her property.

When the real estate company went over to the mansion they found a basement filled with CONCRETE CRIMES….










12 thoughts on “Concrete Crimes

  1. I wonder how her brother feels after all this?! It was his fault! He literally was his sister’s keeper. He was probably the first victim!

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  2. This reminds me of the movie the ring. It came out years ago but basically a young woman was stalking people do to what happened in her past!

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