The Payday Loan

The bills were coming in much faster than the money. Many days Estee felt that she would drown as opposed to swimming just because it would be an easier way out. But sheer determination and her fight would change her mind every time. She went on the internet scrolling for work at home opportunities that she could do in her spare time. She worked a full-time job as a dispatcher for a plumbing company five days a week. On her odd days, she worked for a taxi company doing the same thing and in between all those days, she went to school at night working on her Script Supervisor license. She had some connections in the film industry and it had landed her inside the script supervising program. It was a very lucrative career but she just had to survive until she finished in six months and started getting the six figures. She often laughed to herself and considered her dispatch jobs just a Payday loan till the big bucks arrived. So, every morning as she got dressed she would look in the mirror and say Go get em Estee it’s just a payday loan.

During her search online for another Payday Loan, she found an ad for a budget manager. The ad read ” Looking for a budget manager who can organize my spending budget from home. The job pays well and all communications must be done online. If you are looking for a job you can do from home and have great accounting skills and don’t mind meeting your boss this may be the job for you.  The job may be temporary or permanent. It is all up to you.”  Estee quickly applied online for another Payday Loan.

A few minutes after she hit enter on her keyboard she was shocked to receive an email back. At first, Estee thought it was just n automatic reply to her application. The email started off with a bold Congratulations you have been selected for an on-line interview. The next line was a little stressful. The online interview was in an hour. With barely enough time to prepare and get herself camera ready. Within thirty minutes after the video interview, Estee was hired and sent tax forms to her email. She was shocked to find out the job paid over three thousand a week. This was going to be a very good Payday Loan.

Over the next few weeks, Estee worked very hard at her new Payday loan position. She liked it so much that she could quit one of her other day jobs to focus more on school. The new job was fairly easy. As a matter of fact, it was too easy.  Estee’s job duties were to transfer funds from account to account, write out a budget and deposit enormous amounts of cash that her employer randomly had deposited into her account to do the payroll. Not bad for a payday loan.

All of Estee bills were now paid on time and she was even ahead on a few. The one thing that kept pricking at the hairs on her neck was the fact that she had never actually met her boss. She found it just a little strange that without ever meeting her in person he had entrusted sometimes over a hundred thousand dollars a week in her account to handle his business. Not to mention he loved to give her tips. after six months of working as a budget manager, she could quit her second job as well. Not bad for a payday loan.

Eighteen months after Estee started her job she also graduated from Script supervising school. It was a very proud moment. Although she didn’t have any family at the graduation she had plenty of friends and strangers there to support her. Unbeknownst to her, the FBI was also in attendance. Estee was handcuffed shortly after she threw her cap in the air after the ceremony. She was charged with wire fraud. As they brought her into headquarters she was placed on a bench next to her accomplice that she had never met. A few days later an attorney her boss had hired in her defense informed her that the feds were asking the Judge to sentence her to over twenty-five years. He looked at Estee and asked her what on earth was she doing getting mixed up in a scam like this when she had such a bright career ahead of her.

She raised her head from her hand full of tears and quietly stated I was just getting a Payday loan…

At the end of the day, Estee had set herself up online to be write for the kill…



13 thoughts on “The Payday Loan

  1. Sometimes we make a bad decision bc we are in a bad space…. i wish our criminal justice system was a little more understanding


  2. Man Cynthia, This one got me bc the whole time i was like ok ok ok I am with Estee and I would have been sitting there in jail with her lol



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