Dead Weight

I often times hear stories from my customers at the boutique and some of the stories definitely have characters that are #writeforthekill. This one is no different.

The couple walked in the store holding hands. They must be in love was my first thought. Because the way he held her hand so tightly indicated love.  It takes a lot for a man to tug along with a woman through the shopping experience. Most women feel that bringing a man along is just dead weight.

I am a big fan of love, so when I see it I like to inquire about its birth. As he held her hand and guided her over to the plus size section he described the moment he first saw her. They were high school sweethearts and he vividly remembered the day she brushed by him in the cafeteria. He told me that sometimes when he closes his eyes he can still smell the candy apple fragrance that drove in his nostrils from her freshly washed hair.

She smiled a bashful smile as she watched him reminisce,  then said, ” You know I miss that brand of shampoo”. He looked at her as the dreamy eyes disappeared and said ” you know you are too old to use candy apple shampoo. Besides it’s too heavy for your hair and just makes you look like your hair is *dead weight*.

Shelly (the wife) then looked over and saw a red dress that caught her attention. “What size does that dress go up to? she asked. “Well I have a size 12 and you look to be no larger than that”. I took the dress over to the dressing room and couldn’t help but hear the once in love man tell her ” why would you tell the saleslady you are a size 12 when you are clearly on your way to be a size 22. You eat too much. I only brought you shopping to show you what size clothes you will be wearing in a few months if you continue to eat food”.

Appalled, I took it upon myself to find a few more pretty size twelve dresses and put them in the dressing room. Soon enough the hubby holding one hand and an arm full of dresses in the other led the moderate size woman to the dressing room.

She tried on several items ‘he’ had picked for her and never even touched the dresses I had put in the room. All the dresses he picked were a size 22. They hung off her body like a wet sack of potatoes. I wanted to refuse the sale, but I am a business woman and I cannot decide which items a customer should buy.

The lady smiled as i handed her the bag and I just could not read the happiness in her eyes. Why on earth was she so happy to get clothes four times her size.

A few months later I was watching the news and to my surprise, I saw Shelly weeping in a news conference. She was asking if anyone had any information on the brutal murder of her husband to please contact the Phoenix Sheriffs department.

As the news story played again on the nightly news it all started to make sense. His body had been dismembered and wrapped in large dresses and strolled over several miles of a hiking trail. The very hiking trail her husband would take her on to work out.

The day the body parts were found a teenage hiker had tripped over one of the neatly wrapped dresses and it followed him tumbling down the hill. As he finally hit rock bottom the size 22 dress that encompassed parts of the tormentor landed on top of him.

His hiking partner carefully climbed down in the ravine to assist his partner.When the injured teenager asked what is in that cloth bundle? His friend answered “I don’t know, but it feels like *dead weight*

If Shelly is ever caught she will more than likely be giving the death penalty.

But if you had to choose one which character would you say is *write for the kill*





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