The first time he pulled her hair was in the bed as she screamed a love cry in his ear…

The first time Brian saw her name was on a list his publisher put out about new authors. Because he was an author himself he was just a little curious about this new one.

The first time he saw her face was on his favorite social network when she requested his friendship. He accepted her offer………………………….the first time.


Her smile was so powerful he could hear her joy. Her eyes were large and brown. He could sense that the windows to her soul held some very deep secrets. He was intrigued and decided to open the windows and look inside.

It is funny what some people hide in their closets.

What are you cooking today he typed her in a chat? Love and oxtail soup Camille replied with a smiley face. Love it is, Brian replied as he started to love her for………………………………..the first time. 


The first time he told her he wanted to meet her she went to Google Maps, searched for his address then counted the miles between them. The distance seemed so far at first. Then the walls of love seem to close in on her and after a while, he didn’t seem so far away.

Camille decided to go and see him for ………………………………the first time.


Every morning leading up to the moment she left he would greet her with a good morning honey. Every night before the first time he met her he would read to her over the phone until she fell asleep. Camille thought this man was made just for her. You see she had been reading herself to sleep for over two years. It had been at least that long since she had felt the arms of a man or the moans of love. She had never spoken to a man on line. She had never fallen in love with words she had not seen the lips speak. This would be………………………………………………………………. the first time.



Meet him she did. After several inbox messages and numerous Skype calls she finally got up the nerve to meet him.  She placed her heart and her past in the safe at home, locked it and jumped on a plane to take the journey of a thousand miles.


‘Ladies and Gentleman the seat belt sign is now on, we will start our descent momentarily. Please be sure to turn your phones off, put your seat in the upright position and remove all books and magazines from your lap”. Welcome to Oklahoma City.

As the butterflies started to fill Camille’s stomach she wondered why she didn’t just leave them at home in the safe with her heart and her past. I guess some things cannot be controlled. She took a deep breath, prayed, and stepped into off the plane and into her destiny.

She didn’t do all the things most women do. She didn’t like to hang out in the clubs. She didn’t wear the type of clothes women her day fancied. She rarely wore high heels. Even when she did, they were not the stilettos most women sported. Her day job entailed a lot of walking so she stuck to the flats. She hated jeans. Her past had been filled with addiction and dirty jeans.  Her new life was filled with business suits and high collar shirts. I guess you could call her old fashion. It didn’t bother her none. Camille was very happy with all her little quirks. She had even grown to love the scars on her arms that reminded her everyday she didn’t have to look between the lines for a vein in the morning to feed her addiction.

Camille considered herself to be a very independent woman. She had taken all the precautions just in case things didn’t work out. As she stepped to the counter to pick up the keys to her rental car she saw Brian checking her out as he entered the airport. He was much more handsome in person. She saw he was not over dressed either and that made her feel good.

When Camille walked over to the driver’s side, Brian removed the keys from her and ever so slightly walked her over to the passenger’s side and helped her in. He told her he would be driving her around during her visit. She noticed he was just being a little controlling for the very …………………..first time.

When he decided to stop and introduce her to a friend, he instructed her to stay in the car until he requested her presence. Camille thought that to be a little strange but, she complied just as well.

Brian loved the way Camille’s hair flowed down her back. He didn’t mind the fact that she had on a pair of business slacks. He knew from his countless conversations with her that it was her style to dress like she was on her way to the boardroom. But some decisions had to be made he decided. I will train her later Brian thought in his mind as he smiled a crooked smile………………  After all…it’s her first time

She walked away from him just a little too fast. But, before Brian could finish that thought the smell of her sweet perfume eased ever so gently through his nostrils and down to his heart.

She looked at her phone every five minutes in the car. But before he could say anything she played him the special ring tone she had put on her phone for him. The music had a note that she had replaced with his name and she sang his name as they laughed all the way to his house.

His family was anxious to meet her. But Brian was anxious to bed her. He looked in those bedroom eyes of hers and carried her bags up to his room. Then he made love to her in a moment’s notice.

For the very first time……………………….

 Their love grew and grew and so did her jealousy. The conversations became arguments. He no longer greeted her with the good morning honeys when he saw her on line. She rarely heard his stories except when he was trying to make up. He never explained his love to her anymore. Then one day she went on line and noticed he had deleted every trace of her. Then he deleted her,

   For the ………first time


The repeated fights and harsh words fueled his anger for her. They had been together now for quite some time. Some may say it was better to quit while they were ahead. But the distance and time served as a string of sorts that neither could break.


Eventually through all the fights and airplane trips Brian thought he had trained her well. She no longer questioned his friend list. And she turned her phone off at night so she would not miss the missing book reads. The makeup sex is hard to have over a thousand miles so she sought love in all the wrong places. She just couldn’t cross the line so all her frustrations began to lead her back to her safe where she kept her past. Then, to the closet where her fateful future and past collided.

It’s funny what some people keep in their closets.

 As her frustrations built she found herself feeling bruised. Not just from the emotional damage but the slapping he had given her the last time they fought. I guess it wasn’t so bad she thought at the time. At least he didn’t pull my hair this time. But, it was too late for love for Camille………

It would be her last time……………..

Camille stopped to think of all the things that had changed since that very first time. As she thought about it, she reached in the closet and pulled out the bottle of arsenic she had used a few years earlier  on her now dead husband.

Camille was given the death penalty for poisoning Brian and chopping his once handsome body into several pieces. When they searched her home they found  eyeballs of another husband she had killed even before the last one.

Fifteen years later, strapped to a gurney they rolled Camille into the death chamber. As the needle of death pricked her arm she smiled

……………………for  the very  last time…

You tell me did the abusive boyfriend set himself up to be Write For The Kill?



2 thoughts on “THE FIRST TIME

  1. Yep, he sure did. A thousand miles saved his tail. Its funny how you write and we’re going along on this smoothe surface and then you hit us with a twist. Never would have guess Camille was a murderer. That was good. Had my heart all mushy…lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This one was definitely one of my favs. Keep em coming! You’re so talented. I hv2 get going and i can’t stop reading. Ugh, i literally can’t stop moving on to the nxt story.:)


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