The wrong kiss

I am guilty of finding a story in every emotion that crosses my heart on a daily basis. I think it’s just one of those characteristics that most writers have. I am not a dreamer by any sort.

My marriage is no longer the fairy tale that was blasted all over social media. There are no long walks in the park or standing in the middle of a field gazing at the stars in the middle of the night.  We do smile when we give a homeless person change at the store because we are grateful for the things we have. He does do something silly to make me smile when my emotions start to run over into my life after I heard a sad story from one of the many women that frequent our boutique.

But, it is the tone in his voice when he says good morning to me after a fight the night before that really touches my soul. Most people think that the eyes are the window to the soul, for me the true definition of one’s inner thoughts are often times displayed on the lips.

It is the uncontrollable tremble of the bottom lip when tears are being forced to wait, that display the emotion of hurt.

It is the lips that open when four letter words of love or hate sound out from.

It was the lips that I watched the night my mind told me to check my husband’s computer because I thought he was having an affair.  For the past three hours I had been bringing up random conversations and not one single sentence of substance had spilled from his lips. the best response I received from him was “ok”, “umm huh”, “sure honey”.

He was obviously distracted by someone he was typing back and forth with on his computer. As I started to listen I heard the chat notification chirp back and forth as the focus of his attention and the silent words from his lips were spilled into his chat box.

As we removed our robes to climb on the bed I reached for him as my body asked for a hug. He kindly gave me a friendly hug and then his lips closed as he kissed me on my forehead. As if to say he knew a secret and he felt sorry for me because he knew one day I would find out. It was then that I sat my mental alarm clock for 3:00 am to check his computer.

His lips had given me the wrong kiss.

What I found on the computer that night would make any married woman cry. My lips started to tremble, and my heart started on another path. My husband had been chatting with my best friend.

There were symbols of hearts sent from her. There were funny symbols of super hero’s sent from him. There were dates and times to meet up. There were discussions of tangerine color roses that he promised he would have on the table when “she” arrived for the “special” day. I was scrolling so quickly I skipped through a lot of the conversation, but, I typed the date in my calendar and quickly signed off and cried.

Three weeks later my event alarm went off. I also had a meeting with my literary agent that day as well so I dressed accordingly that morning. I knew I needed to focus in order to get through this meeting with her. My book was being released in a few weeks and this marketing meeting was very important.

When I walked in the Hilton to meet my agent in the conference room my husband was waiting inside the door with a dozen Tangerine color roses in his hand for me. All my friends yelled surprise including my best friend who had on a beautiful gray suit with a Tangerine scarf around her neck. The entire room was decorated in gray and tangerine.

My husband and best friend had planned a release party for my latest murder mystery entitled ‘The Willing”.

My husband is also a writer. As he hugged me he said ” I am going to write a book about you Cynthia”

It was then that I knew the Wrong kiss  could make anyone *Write for the kill*

3 thoughts on “The wrong kiss

  1. Amazing. Omg the kill at the end. Just as i thought I could guess the ending, BOOM!! The kill comes lol. I have a 7:30 story time alarm on my phone just for your short stories. Hast tag #writeforthekill


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