The Routine


I am one person that strongly believes in having a routine of sorts. I get up without an alarm because my body is accustomed to being up and out the house by 9:30 am. I take a shower with the same brand body wash and I drink 1 cup of coffee every morning. Today I decided to see just how much routine can affect your thought process. After reading this you tell me how important your routine is if it was disturbed by someone would that make them write for the kill?

Roxanne Moresum loved a good routine. The first year of High School Roxanne realized that her life was designed to go by a routine. She was fascinated with numbers and her math teacher constantly reminded her that life must be lived by the numbers. Roxanne’s number was 6. It was an even number and she decided that she would coordinate everything in her life to co-inside with six.

Including her daily Routine……

Roxanne was a girl whose beauty had never been skin deep. Instead, her beauty ran underneath her skin, deep inside the numbers she lived by. Most of her classmates did not appreciate her beauty. After all, they couldn’t see her beauty when she passed by. Her weight was a small battle that she dealt with from time to time. It was always up and down until she developed a routine.

Every morning Roxanne woke up at 6:00 am sharp. She brushed and flossed her teeth for six minutes. She brushed her hair for six minutes. She even made sure she wore six items of clothes. Roxanne would arrive at the bus stop exactly six minutes before the school bus came and she sat in the sixth seat from the door in each one her classes. The only thing Roxanne was behind on her numbers with was the number of people she had killed. Although she had killed three people between her high school friends and co-workers after she graduated, and she had killed them all at 6:00 pm, she was still a few numbers off. Those few numbers were bugging her routine.

When anything was off with Roxanne’s numbers she started making mistakes. By the time, she killed her fifth victim Roxanne was making some grave mistakes. At her trial, it was determined that Roxanne suffered from a form of Autism. One that is high on the spectrum scale. It is called¬†Asperger syndrome.

With this form of Autism, the least change in routine can pull the trigger to unusual behavior. Pull the trigger Roxanne did. She was so accustomed to being harassed by her peers that when one befriended her in High School at 2:00 pm Roxanne found that to be quite disturbing. In her defense, the girl just didn’t stick to the numbers. So, Roxanne decided to kill the person who was killing her routine.

Over the years four other people interfered with Roxanne’s routine as well as her eccentric understanding of the numbers. Although the courts did conclude that her mental condition affected her sense of judgment, they also determined she deserved the death penalty due to the heinous method in which she chopped all her victims up into six pieces each. It was all part of her routine.

Six hours before her death sentence was carried out Roxanne took the six pieces of clothing the state provided her, tied six knots and became her own sixth victim.

Down to the very end Roxanne did her life by the numbers and stuck to *The routine*

Is your routine to die for? Or is it write for the kill?



13 thoughts on “The Routine

  1. is this based off a true story Cynthia? You know I heard years ago thatthe ones that are seen with mental illness are really the smartest in the world


  2. To the ones that are seen with mental illness, we write them off not thinking what is really going on in their head.


  3. Maybe she should have planned it out better. She wouldnt have gotten court. Im just saying… not from experience lol


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