Write for the kill

I often times hear people say all the things they are willing to die for.  But, after hearing some of their stories I am inclined to think they are actually written for the kill.

During my daily trot thru life as a writer, I am always looking for characters I can incorporate into my stories. My daily travels never disappoint me.

Today, I decided to take a ride on the city bus. I haven’t been on a bus in years. As a matter of fact, I even drive to my mailbox as opposed to making the three-minute walk. I was on the bus for about twenty minutes when a lady bordered the bus with a stair stepfamily. One baby in arms, one curly head girl who looked about two years old and two other children in stair step age about a year apart. The father was clearly irritated as he lugged two folded strollers on board. the mother and clear leader of the crew wore a pair of heels that seem to balance despite the extra weight of the child. She wore a flirtatious smile as she acknowledged the men on the bus who were clearly drawn in by her voluptuous girls spilling out of her shirt.

The family found two rows in the middle of the bus to accommodate the entire family. That is when the drama began. The father leaned over and pulled her shirt together and she quickly objected. She loudly ranted on the bus that she had allowed four of his offspring to feed off her body and if she chose to expose it after that it was her choice. She continued to rant and complain about all the services her body provided for the family over the years, including the one her magical garden had used to give birth to his children.

During his justification of all the financial aid and stability he provided her in return for her private areas, he also expressed how he expected it to stay private. I watched in horror as total humiliation grew shame on his face till finally he pulled the cord and jumped off the bus. I think the entire bus silently rooted for him as he made his exit from this display of their private life.

Me: after analyzing the situation I decided that the Misses was definitely write for the kill…

Now all I need to do is figure out how to do this young man a favor and write her off on the pages of my next novel.

*signed* writeforthekill….

20 thoughts on “Write for the kill

  1. Awesome wordplay and concept development. Once I started reading I couldn’t wait to get to the next page as the suspense built line by line. Thanks for bringing your talent to the world.

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  2. I feel like it could go either way! Stifled woman, disrespected man. Who knows which will be the one to pull the trigger (besides Cynthia 😉).


  3. Cynthia you have the strong and creative one. I always enjoy your spunk and the results that come from it. I loved this, keep going strong.


  4. Hey Woman, you know you can right. Reading your first book was riveting, and I know whatever else you write is going to be just as good or better. You have so much to say and such a brilliant mind to tell a story. Congrats on another winner!


  5. BEAUTIFUL I amare your work. Cynthia has bared her trails and triumph in her books she has given to us in rare form. She has concured many journeys through her life to bring us to an understanding no matter what there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can not wait to read her next novels. Ladies if your looking to get your sexy back go to 28th and Thomas st Nickel City..


  6. Wow! Amazing story, already. I love your writing style and how the words literally jump off the page and onto a visual screen. I was definitely left with wanting more. #WriteToKill


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